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Facts about imitation/counterfeit spare parts
16 Dec 2014 03:06 - AdministratorFacts about imitation/counterfeit spare parts

Submitted by Chabib Increase cost in terms of machinery stop and labor cost The most common type of non genuine or counterfeit part entering the market is not a new or innovative product b [ ... ]

Therefore not every cost reduction is a good idea
03 Dec 2014 04:10 - AdministratorTherefore not every cost reduction is a good idea

Submitted by Chabib  Inexpensive counterfeit/imitation parts give output less than satisfactory results. Because counterfeit/imitation parts doesn’t bound by the manufacturers test criteri [ ... ]

Genuine Spare Parts Guaranteed quality, performanc...
03 Dec 2014 02:54 - AdministratorGenuine Spare Parts Guaranteed quality, performance and security

Submitted by Chabib Anugerah Texindotama has been entrusted as Toyoda textile spare parts supplier and repair since 1992. We as authorized distributor of Toyoda Textile feel obliged to tell t [ ... ]

Why do Counterfeit/Imitation spare parts costs che...
03 Dec 2014 02:54 - AdministratorWhy do Counterfeit/Imitation spare parts costs cheaper?

Submitted by Chabib  Fake parts cheaper but they are cheaper for a reason. Original spare parts produced with high quality standards, using them help prevent breakdowns and costly machine do [ ... ]

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